Bearings Spherical Rod Ends

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Due to their large contact area, spherical bushings are ideal for carrying high-capacity radial and axial loads in a small space. Certain bearings are designed for high misalignment or adjustable clearance. Spherical plain bearings work well in many heavy-duty applications, including articulated machinery joints, vehicle steering linkages, and textile equipment.

Rod ends and spherical plain bearings effectively handle oscillating movement and angular misalignment at relatively low sliding speeds. Rod ends feature an eye-shaped head on an integral shank. Also known as ball joint rod ends, spherical rod ends house spherical plain bearings. The rod end design supports pivoting within the housing to accommodate misalignment, along with radial and axial loads. Spherical plain bearings are also called spherical plain (or plane) bushings, spherical bushings, or ball joint swivel bearings.

QA1 Precision Products HMR4T Bearings Spherical Rod Ends

P5 143000
Steel No

QA1 Precision Products HFR7T Bearings Spherical Rod Ends

6202 Available
[Steel] Steel Deep Groove Ball Bea

QA1 Precision Products HMR7-8Z Bearings Spherical Rod Ends

0.8 mm -25 °C
41.28 mm 0.8 mm

QA1 Precision Products KMR4S Bearings Spherical Rod Ends

4547359245776 B04144
1 mm 120 °C

QA1 Precision Products HML6-7 Bearings Spherical Rod Ends

Yes (with retaining [Aluminum Alloy] 201
Deep Groove Ball Bea 7 Days

QA1 Precision Products HML8-10Z Bearings Spherical Rod Ends

Double Yes (with retaining
Deep Groove Ball Bea Bearings with Housin

QA1 Precision Products HFR6S Bearings Spherical Rod Ends

[Steel] Steel 30 ~ 50
Bearings with Housin Deep Groove Ball Bea

QA1 Precision Products HML8T Bearings Spherical Rod Ends

56 mm 61.9 mm
22 Nm 54.85 mm

QA1 Precision Products HFR6T Bearings Spherical Rod Ends

16**/6*** series 6 Days or more
6 6